Friday, February 11, 2011

Nimmy and I
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One of my roomates Malin and I


It has been a while and I apologize.

It has been a hard week. This week we lost a baby at the hospital and I have never really encountered death at the hospital.

It is quite an awful feeling loosing a patient. The patient is not even my patient. So, I can't even imagine how the doctor feels.

The hospital is amazing. Although, it has been a bit boring this week. Not much to do. I've been feeling like switching hospitals again. But, I'm not so sure.

I can say I saw diagonostic laproscopy and abdominal hyserectomy this week. It was quite interesting. During the laproscopy they first anethesized the patient and then did the laproscopy. Which I believe is to diagnose fertility. During the hyserectomy they removed the uterus. It was quite interesting to see. I felt a bit woozy so I saw myself stepping back sometimes.

My housemates are good and are pretty nice. Sometimes I feel myself wanting to disagree with them but I am very good at containing myself. I only see now how open americans are.

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