Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I have moved to a new hospital. The other one just wasn't right. The one that I am at now is great. They have given my roommate Priythiani and I a room to lock our stuff in. The offered me an accommodation. But, I will just stay at my host family's house that I am at now.

This afternoon I will be seeing a C-Section. I am excited. This morning we saw women s exams. It was cool and the doctor is really good.


  1. hey rosie!

    are you finding that all the communication is done in english (since it is their official language)? or have you encountered some language road blocks?


  2. Hey Rosie,

    Loved the photos. Will keep updated on your blog--love from Lisa and Bill

  3. Nicole,
    I think that someone of them know english. THe more educated they are the more english I see that they know.