Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tomorrow Yipee!!!

Tomorrow I leave. Right now I am just finishing packing. I am excited. I have been packing lots, as I will be gone for a while. I enjoyed a last dinner out with my family. Now, I am ready. Yesterday I finished school. It feels pretty good to be done. There is this feeling of emptyness. It is a scared feeling. I guess you've just go to go with it.

Toilet Paper:
Apparently it is hard to buy toilet paper there. So, I have bought five rolls.

Last night I met a girl named Catherine who goes to UVM. She also has been to Ghana. She worked at New Life International as well. She was very excited to hear that I was going back.

We also talked about some stuff I could teach at New Life. And, I might teach more on health.

I will be picked up at the airport by a projects abroad person.

I've never been to asia so I am so excited.

Well, goodbye for now. I will update y'all when I get there.


India here I come!!!!

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