Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dinner with Sweetie

Hello all,

I had dinner with the doctor I work with tonight. Doctor Jayashree Jane Sweetie. She is a homeopathic doctor. She sent a rickshaw with her to get me. I stood outside reliance fresh and waited. We entered her home and on arrival were greeted by two dogs richie and kootie. Richie can bite and she quickly grabbed the dog's collar to protect me from getting bitten. Her mother a very nice women, who teaches politics in an after high school school was very nice and understood only some of my english. Her home two floors, the living room decorated in a greenish color, but very pleasant. She showed me the wedding album of her brother and the engagement album of her and her fiance. She is having an arranged marriage to an engineer in Chennai, India that spent two years in New York City. She say's she is in love and loves the man. I think this is very nice to hear. I wonder how can she be in love if it is arranged. But, here in India arranged marriages work. You are forced to try your best and hope that it will work. She loves the man and they will marry in June. I have been invited to the wedding but of course I will be gone. Darn. I so wanted to attend the wedding. Not only do I have respect for her, but she has also become a good friend and I feel as though her family is my indian family. Her brother has married to a woman and they are expecting a baby in three months. It was a very nice of chippati and pearota. Chippati is like a grain tortilla. Perota is a sweet flat, small bread. With lamb stew, califlower and vegetables. They were very nice bringing the dinner to the table. You can't find such hospitality in the western world. India tops it. We talked about when I will get married and I had to persuade the doctor that I need to wait ten years.She says it is old. I think happiness is most important.

Arranged marriage

The arranged marriage is common in India. It has become less conservative in India.The man/women to be married gets to see pictures. Sometimes even talk/meet the person before the day of marriage. My host parents are arranged marriage. Divorce is not common here. In the western world is is.

It is so interesting that a couple weeks ago I felt like living early. But, now I think I am falling in love with this country. I cannot imagine leaving. But, my travels will take me to Kenya.I will meet a teacher there and work at her school. There are 75 children there. I might also work at an orphanage.

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  1. kenya? what are you still heading to ghana next? you are amazing rosie. i can just imagine the food! lucky girl!