Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenya is amazing. I can't really tell you otherwise. Although, some things can be frustrating. For example when a kids mother comes and says that her husband might drunk beat her that is bad. It is a bad thing. MOthers don't deserve beatings. Around where we live there is a bar. I think that this bar creates lots of problems.

Animal Orphanage:

On thursday I took the Pre-Unit and Class 1 students to the animal orphanage in Rangata. We hired a matato to take us there. Lots of students piling on top each other. Squished, african style transport. We were supposed to leave around 9 am, but everything runs slower here so we left later. The kids all wore their uniforms, Tr. Jane believed that it would help with a discount, its good so we can tell where all our school children are. We had some sick children on the way to the orphanage. So of these kids never go in transport and mainly stay around where they live. So carsick kids was interensting. The kids sang songs on the way. We stopped in Kiserian on the way to the animal orphanage to get some chips (french fries) for the kids. I also ran with a boy to the grocery store to buy some soda, juice. We then loaded back into the car and went to the animal orhanage. On the way we saw monkeys on the side of the road and all you could hear was a car full of laughter. It was pleasant to see some of these children laughing, getting outside of their normal zone. Nairobi Animal Orphanage was not crowded and charged me much more then the Kenya Citizen Price. The kids were thrilled to see the animals and had big smiles when we saw the monkeys climbing on the side of the cage. Birds, monkeys, lions sleeping, cheetahs, leopard, ostrich were in the animal orphanage. Wild monkeys that weren't part of the animal orphanage were also present. I put a banana out for the monkeys right near the leopard cage and the monkey came and the leopard lunged inside his cage for the monkey.

We enjoyed the animal orphanage a lot and then had lunch on the lawn. Chips (french fries), juice and sweets, biscuits. They said a prayer for the food. "Some had food, but no appetite. Some have appetite but no food. We thank you god for the both. Amen."

Then we went to the giraffe center. Which, was by far my favorite. I got kissed by a giraffe. Pictures to come. Internet is insanely slow. Kids loved feeding the giraffe. Did you know the giraffes could be such friendly animals?

So I'm having a hard time debating whether to leave Kenya or not on April 27th? I have to say it's lonely out here. But, I keep praising myself at how far I've come. Almost 3 months. I don't want to let anyone down. But I have do what my heart tells me. Sometimes it's hard to be alone. I'm 18 years old. Traveling alone. It's nerve racking sometimes. And it's hard to admit this, but sometimes i miss my life at home. You know you want to be strong and not crack. But sometimes you need to let yourself be weak. But it's good to be strong, not give in to the pain of missing home. Throw yourself into what your doing. Then again there is a balance of both.

I think it is a difficult life here for women. The un-educated women don't have a say. Well it really depends on the situation. I can't believe some of the womens stories. Jane the women i live with is amazing. She is willing to hear peoples stories and guide them with a good solution. She is incredibly sweet, and willing to help a lost soul.

I have made many trips to the Kiserian market...where they sell lots of vegetables....

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