Monday, April 4, 2011

Did you know that Nacupenda means I love you in swahili? Or that Abadiaco means how are you? mazurey is I'm fine. I find myself saying Nacupenda to my Nennay (grandmother) a lot here in Kenya. Not only is she so lovable but well she is loved by everyone. Kenya is amazing. It is traditional. The massai are an amazing tribe- tall, brilliant, proud. Speaking massai. Pure african hospitality. It sounds like a commercial but it's not. It's reality. I'm so proud to say I can be here.

School here:

Gracious + Kind children. Of course can not all speak english but still waving to say hello or thank you when I bring them sweets.

Some children can not afford to come to school so are not schooling. Sad.

Some children are from the tribe Kwkuyu and some Massai.

Each child has a different personality.

About Kenya:

People are generally kind.

Where I am it is literally rolling hills.

Farming land. Most people are farmers where I am living.

HIV seems to not be talked about.

People are curious about my life.

Most people have not heard of VT. But more major states NY, Washington D.C.

Kenyans love Obama. He is 1/2 Kenyan.

Food is Ugali. Made out of corn and with some water then turns hard and you eat it with beans or veggies.

Matato is the means of transporation.


  1. I'm so glad to hear you are in Kenya! You sound happy. We had a great class in Pathways E today, and I think you would have enjoyed the changes we've made. We miss you! Molly is in Kenya now, too...small world, huh? She's at the Colobus Monkey Preserve north of Mumbasa for a month. Maybe you'll run into each other? I hope you continue to have enriching experiences, my friend. You are such a great ambassador from the USA. Wishing you safe travels. (BTW I saw your mother this week and she looked great, wearing a very pretty dress.)

  2. Mrs. Parren,

    I miss you to. Kenya is lifechanging, breattaking, and the people are incredible. I would love to see her. Small world. I like being a good ambassador, but i think of myself as more of a humanitarian.