Friday, April 15, 2011


I love Africa. There is so much to the life here. So much color, so much zazaaammm. The women are amazing. Maternal. Loving. Child bearing. Bearing lots of children just to bring on the tradition. Doesn't that take a lot of bravery. Did you know the Messai are poligamists? The Grandfather GoGoya that lives here in the comp0und married three women and had 8 children with each wife. I asked his son today if he fell in love with these women. He didn't. He married them by giving money for them. He is 98 years old. An amazing man. 98? Yes, I'm telling the truth. How can there be a forced love? How can you be forced to love someone? No love, partnership, it is to keep the society moving. To keep things moving steady. The children born to farm, many wifes to help in the garden.

Life is amazing.

When you greet a mesai elder you bow your head and the mesai pets your head.

more to come later.....

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